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Karibu - welcome!

Fellow Tanzanians and Friends of Tanzania,

I feel deeply honored to welcome you all to the official website of the High Commission of the United Republic of Tanzania to Canada, concurrently accredited as the Embassy of Tanzania to Cuba.

I am aware my predecessors had the opportunity to invite you to visit the High Commission’s website and obtain first-hand information to the questions you may have had, be they consular or business related. As the saying goes ‘a new broom sweeps clean’, but now that I have found the room properly swept by my predecessors, my duty will be to polish it. Flying was invented many years ago but its safety has since been improved and the process continues. The same applies to the High Commissioner of the moment, a position I am currently privileged to serve.

Once again, you are all invited to access the website. We will do our best to enrich it with as much relevant information as possible and make it a real one stop center for a traveler to Tanzania or anybody who may wish to know about the land of many immensely fascinating attractions such as Mount Kilimanjaro, the beautiful Islands of Zanzibar, the famous Serengeti National park, the Ngorongoro crater and the home of Zinjanthropus, named and believed by historians as the first human being who lived around the Olduvai George in Arusha region.

Tanzania enjoys excellent bilateral relations with Canada and with Cuba, both going back to the early days of our Independence. Canadian aid and investment in Tanzania play a welcome role as the country gears towards economic prosperity, moving from an aid dependent country to a meaningful trading partner among the community of nations. Cuba’s assistance to Tanzania in the fields of health and education is testimony to the bond that exists between our two countries.

Tanzania is blessed with abundant natural resources, and our government is keen to ensure that they are exploited properly, responsibly and sustainably so that, in the process, our aspirations to be a middle income nation by 2025 can be achieved. We value and seek the partnership and participation of our friends in the international community, including the countries of our accreditation namely Canada and Cuba, in this cause.

The Tanzania High Commission in Ottawa is at the front-line in bringing even closer the relations between our country and those we are accredited to, and the Tanzania Diaspora in these countries has a crucial role to play in this regard. Each and every member of the Diaspora is Tanzania’s goodwill Ambassador to these countries. In addition to this important role we are all playing, I urge every member of the Diaspora to maintain special interest in the prosperity of Tanzania. As the old adage goes, ‘go east-go-west but home remains best’. Let each one of us play part in improving the living standards of our people, complementing the governments’ efforts to fight against ignorance disease and poverty.

The High Commission’s doors remain open. All of us at the Mission are available to listen, engage, assist and advise. We will diligently open our hands to serve you. It is our historical role and duty to do so; it’s a duty we will perform with humility.

To our foreign guests I say let Tanzania be your starting point as you endeavor to explore what Africa can offer. To my fellow Tanzanians I repeat, ‘mtu kwao’.